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About Us

Plug and Play

Smart production solutions

PaaS (Production as a Service) is an analogue to SaaS (Software as a Service) - a subscription-based business model in IT industry.

Our container-based production, packaging and waste management lines are easily movable by standard road trucks, which makes it possible to start production in a matter of days or relocate it when needed. 

The unified design also allows scaling the production easily by adding a second container with another unit.

To ensure the capital costs of our clients stay low, Briketti Pojat Oy introduces an innovative, subscription-based production-on-demand business model to the industry. 


Why Us

Industry 4.0, IoT and smart manufacturing are here to stay. 

Smart. Mobile. Scalable. On-demand. 

Here, in Finland, we favour the highest production quality built around the most reliable equipment and the latest digitalisation solutions available on the market.

These factors combined with Finnish Design make us a leader in innovative production-on-demand solutions.

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