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Mobile production of wood briquettes.

Briketti Pojat Oy's team introduces smart wood briquetting lines to address major challenges in the production industry, such as supply chain disruptions, overproduction, highly volatile markets, compliance and geopolitics.

mobile wood briquette press in a container

Designed in close collaboration with industry leaders

Following our mission to become a leader in on-demand production solutions, we partner with production equipment experts to provide future-proof services to our clients worldwide. We combine the manufacturing expertise of traditional businesses with the latest digital tools available to ensure sustainable and cost-efficient development.

Built around the most reliable equipment

The wood briquetting line is designed to be operated online and withstand the cold Scandinavian climate. To bring human interactions to a minimum, to once-per-hour or even once-per-shift operations, we integrate IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) sensors of industrial-grade and programmable robotic arms.

Delivered on the most favourable terms

PaaS (Production as a Service) business model allows our customers to start production at the shortest lead times based on fixed monthly payments with zero capital costs.

mobile wood briquetting production line

Mobile wood briquette production concept.


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I'm Efim

I am part of Briketti Pojat team. You can learn more about our services below

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